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Summer Rain Earrings

$ 24.00


The Summer Rain Earrings feature beautifully patinated metal and carved buffalo bone! From a carved bone semi‒circle resembling a sun, hang several metal raindrop shapes with a teal patina. Perfect to add a unique touch to any outfit this Summer and beyond! 


+ Handcrafted in India
+ 2"L
+ Materials: metal, buffalo bone.
+ The animal bone used in jewelry production is harvested from animals who have died naturally. We honor the innovation of our artisan partners who utilize the materials they have access to in their regions.


TARA Projects stands for "Trade Alternative Reform Action." Working within a 125-mile radius of Delhi, TARA is a fair trade program for community development and business. The organization enables hundreds of artisans who create some of the major handicraft lines of North India to sell their products internationally. TARA is one of the pioneering Indian organizations in the field of fair wages, nonformal education programs for children and women, health and environmental awareness, and further development for its member artisans. Artisan benefits from TARA include medical insurance, interest-free loans and advances, a savings program, and skills training.