Tasting Spoons

$ 6.00


The chef has to taste test before feeding the family, right? Do it in style with your new artisan-made tasting spoon from Ethikos Home in Thailand.


+ Handcrafted in Thailand 
+ Crafted from locally sourced wood
+ Hand wash only. Rub wood with beeswax or coconut oil to maintain the wood's life.
+ Not dishwasher or microwave safe.
+ Do not leave the wood to soak in water for prolonged periods of time.
+ These pieces are non-toxic and food-safe. 


Ethikos Home has been employing talented woodworkers for more than five years. The team of wood artisans is comprised of men and women—some native to Thailand and others who are refugees from Myanmar. They function like a team should—eating meals together, encouraging one another, looking out for each other's well-being, and supporting one another daily. Ethikos Home is in contact with the team ensuring that things like wages, a sanitary facility to work, and general health are cared for.