Teak Wood Ice Cream Scoop

$ 20.00


These teak wood ice cream scoops that were featured in our October Fair Trade Friday boxes are now available for sale and worth all the hype! The smooth teak wood is perfect for getting that preside scoop of your favorite ice cream. It would be a great addition to your kitchen or would make a wonderful present for that ice cream-loving friend of yours. 

This order of teak ice cream scoops generated two and a half months of empowering work for 18 people. 


+ Hand crafted in Guatemala 

+ Made from Teak Wood


The Itza Wood Story is closely entwined with their social efforts and initiatives; preserving the beauty of the Peten while empowering the Guatemalan people. All Itza Woods creations are sourced exclusively from the Peten jungle, while their growing contributions to the local Jungle School help drive Fatih-based education for young people in the region. 

Rudy is one of the artisans who has really grown and prospered over the past three years that he has partnered with Itza Wood. He went from having part-time, very sporadic carving work to working every day -- sometimes working overtime! Rudy is a skilled spoon carver, and he prides himself in his crafts. The spoons are completely whittled down by hand. Rudy has been able to purchase a nice motorcycle since working for Itza Wood and is saving up to buy a plot of land to build a house on. As a single father, he is very thankful for the work that allows him to support his children and his mother.