Thrive Adjustable Bracelet

$ 17.00

For a flower to bloom, it reaches toward the sun. For it to thrive, it doesn’t do so alone. Introducing Mercy House's most global collection featuring beautiful handcrafted pieces from Kenya, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Asia, the USA, and the Horn of Africa. Together, we are better. “The way to thrive is to help others thrive, the way to flourish is to help others flourish; the way to fill yourself is to spend yourself,” Cornelius Plantinga. If this cohesive classic floral collection could speak it would say, if you thrive, others thrive with you. “They are planted in the house of the Lord; They flourish in the courts of our God,” Psalm 92:13. 


Don't just grow...THRIVE! This adjustable bead bracelet offers a delicate touch to your everyday style. Not only is it an inspiring reminder to wear day to day, but it also describes the direct impact made through the purchase of this bracelet for the artisans who are refugees that made them. By using your purchase power to shop fair trade you are allowing artisans to flourish and thrive as they overcome obstacles and enter into sustainable jobs that forever change their lives.  


+ Made by artisans who are refugees living in the USA
+ Dimensions: Approximately 6.5" around 
+ Handmade paper beads along with letter beads and 18k gold-plated chain 


Crafted by the artisans of Dreamer & Co. these bracelets were assembled by artisans who are refugees living in the USA. This is Dreamer & Co's very first employee who is apart of their Refugee Job program. The woman who assembled the bracelets is a refugee from Afghanistan and her employment with Dreamer & Co. is helping her start a new life with her family here in the US.