Tiger Stripe Ceramic Pots | Set of 2

$ 43.00


These handmade stoneware planters were handcrafted by artisans in Nepal, and they feature tan and brown natural marbled stripes with a finished beige interior. These little pots would be adorable for indoor or outdoor plants! 


+ Made in Nepal 

+ Dimensions: Sm: 3"h x 3"dia; Lg: 3 3/4"h x 3 3/4"dia.

Perfect for indoor use.

+ No drainage hole. Watertight. 

+ Your purchase changes lives, allowing many women artisans in Nepal to work from home, aided by savings programs, education for girls, medical care, and other social welfare support.


These tiger stripe ceramic pots were created by artisans in Nepal, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for orders. Through sales of their products, 500 artisans from 15 districts of Nepal receive employment, fair wages, skills training, and a healthier work environment. Women artisans in Nepal also have access to social welfare benefits including savings, loan, and retirement programs; scholarships for girls' education; a medical allowance; and paid maternity and paternity leave.