Tortilla Warmer


This fun taco-printed tortilla warmer was created using 100% cotton cloth that was block printed by hand, using a stamp created at one of our art camps in Kenya!

Each tortilla warmer was lovingly cut, stitched, and packaged for you by an artisan at Ziyada in North India.

This order of tortilla warmers enabled Ziyada to keep running during a challenging economic time. India was on strict lockdown for two full months due to the global pandemic.

Literally millions of day laborers across the country are going hungry, as they no longer have any way of earning their daily wage and have no substantial savings. Ziyada’s artisans, most of whom come from laboring families, are the only people in their joint families who are still receiving salaries.

The production of these tortilla warmers created around 240 hours of work for each member of Ziyada. Because of the artisans’ continued work, they are thriving during the pandemic and have even been able to help others around them!

This product was featured in our July Fair Trade Friday Original Box! Ready to subscribe to the club that empowers artisans around the world? Join today.



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