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Miujiza Rug | 2' x 3'

$ 69.00

To hand-loom one textile rug like this takes an average of five days. The work is complex and demanding, but also very, very rewarding. The women of Miujiza create them with joy because they know what it is like to do undignified work. When you use one of these mats, you are standing on holy ground. 

  • Hand-woven by artisans in Kenya 
  • Approximately: 2' x 3' 
  • Care Instructions: Vacuum rug regularly without the beater bar. Rug pads are recommended for rug longevity, safety, and to avoid scratches. The occasional gentle shake will keep these textiles looking their best. As woven textiles settle, a stray piece of yarn may pop up. This is perfectly normal. Do not cut the yarn; simply tuck and pull it back through the underside of the throw.


Miujiza means "miracle" in Swahili and that's exactly what this artisan group is miraculous. Miujiza primarily supports the families of the teen moms at Rehema House, who don't have a stable source of income and are struggling to make ends meet. It equips and empowers them to attain financial stability which translates to them being able to cater to their basic needs as well as meet the needs of their daughters and children after they are re-integrated home.