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Waterproof Accessory Pouch

$ 30.00

Stay organized with this sweet Waterproof Accessory Pouch. It’s handcrafted with block-printed canvas and waterproof lining, so all your essentials stay safe and dry. Perfectly designed to fit your everyday needs, it’s not bulky but still offers plenty of space.

  • Made in India 
  • Block-printed canvas
  • Waterproof lining 

JOYN’s story began in 2011 with a community that came together around the age-old art forms of spinning, weaving, and block-printing in Rajpur, a small rural town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. They dreamed of doing business differently, where the people and craftsmanship behind each product are honored and where meaningful work is created for those who need it most.

JOYN’s heart is committed to hand-making their products. They celebrate and value the skilled work of their artisans and believe that slowing down the manufacturing process creates true connection to the things people own. When you know who made your products, how they were made, and what it means to the maker to see them in your hands, that product becomes not just a bag, but something to treasure forever.

Today JOYN’s handmade pieces are loved by customers all over the world, but their dream remains the same—to create products that are good for people, kind to the planet, and proudly and unfailingly made by hand.