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Western Nativity Set

$ 45.00 $ 72.00

This Western Nativity Set adds a unique twist on the classic nativity scene. With beautiful, hand-painted figurines, this nativity scene includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the three wisemen, an angel, a shepherd, and a sheep. This set was made by artisans at Many Hands in Thailand, providing dignified jobs and hope to their families and communities!

  • Made in Thailand by Many Hands
  • 9 piece set + manger


Project Many Hands is a visionary initiative that seeks to showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of artisans and local talents through a multitude of channels. Collaborating with skilled handicraft artisans in Northern Thailand, Project Many Hands aspires to extend its reach throughout Thailand. Our mission involves procuring artisanal products and thoughtfully curating them into unique gifts boxes, all while sharing the artisans' stories and highlighting the positive impact of meaningful work. 

The concept of our Nativity sets was born from the idea of crafting peg dolls for a discerning customer. Recognizing the charm and significance of these miniature figurines, we decided to create a nativity set that would be a perfect addition to Christmas celebrations. We embarked on designing three distinct sets: 

  • Traditional Western Style: A classic interpretation of the Nativity scene. 
  • Northern Thai Cultural Tribute: Inspired by the rich and diverse ethnic groups of Northern Thailand, this set captures the essence of local traditions. 
  • Traditional Central Thai Elegance: Drawing inspiration from traditional Central Thai attire, this set radiates elegance and charm. 

Each piece within these sets is individually hand-painted by local artists, adding a touch of personal artistry to these cherished creations. 

A Labor of Love and Impact: A Message from Many Hands

Our journey with these sets this year started July 2023 , and it has been a source of meaningful employment for artisans and their families for nearly six months. Sometimes orders will continue til the New Years. We are delighted to witness the enduring popularity of the little baby Jesus, who will grace your home during the Christmas season for years to come. Project Many Hands takes pride in its role of supporting artisans, preserving traditions, and bringing joy to your celebrations.