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Wooden Earring Holder

$ 18.00

A place for your ethically-made earrings! The men of Under Over created your wooden earring holder in their skills-training program. Store your studs in the holes and use the bottom of the arch for your hanging earrings. When your earrings are organized all in one place, they make a beautiful display!

The earring holder's base is made of recycled wood and may contain color variations, nail holes, or slight defects. They are all part of the character of reclaimed wood.

  • Made in the USA 

Under Over Fellowship is a church located in downtown Conroe, Texas. Among its many ministries that cater to the homeless and marginalized in the community, it also has a men’s program for 15-20 men that live in the church. They remain there for six months to a year and are given an opportunity to focus on their relationship with Jesus, recover from addiction and mental health issues, and have a chance to start over. The men are given the chance to return to past careers, be trained for new ones, or go to school all while hearing about the love of a Savior willing to die on the cross for them.

More about the artisan: 

Ed has been in the rehab program at Under Over Fellowship since August 2022. After losing his job of four years, he was unable to keep up with his rent. Ed was evicted and lived on the streets of downtown Houston for three months. After successfully graduating from the program at Under Over, Ed was able to qualify for the MET Program from Work Solutions. It’s an initiative that trains those 55+ years old to use computers. Ed also works at the church part-time.