Wooden Flower Frogs

$ 12.00


Flower frogs are reusable floral devices that make arranging bouquets a breeze. Fill up any vase or jar that has an opening less than 3.5" wide. Place your wooden flower frog on top. Place flower stems through the holes. Start in the middle and work your way out. Be sure to pay attention to the placement of the floral stems. You want the flowers to make a statement and the greenery to fill in the gaps. 


+ Made by Under Over Fellowship in the USA 
+ Approximately 3.5" Diameter 

ARTISAN DETAILS: Kevin with Under Over Fellowship 

Under Over's studio manager, Kevin came to the group after many years of homelessness. Kevin has a marketing degree from the University of North Texas, but due to difficult circumstances and setbacks, he found himself in need of a place to call home. He started out like other men in the program working in the wood shop doing a variety of jobs. Through a newfound relationship with Christ and his work ethic, Kevin was placed in charge of the laser engraving department. Today, he manages all of Under Over's orders while earning a livable wage from this position.