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Abide | Curated Box

$ 39.99

At Mercy House Global, we choose themes based on what God is speaking to us, doing in us, and His work happening through us. Our theme for 2024 is Abide. To abide means to stay. Many marginalized people find themselves in vulnerable positions because they have been left. Our mission is to empower vulnerable families in Jesus’ name by creating opportunities that provide hope. At Mercy House Global, we stay. We love that abide is also another word from home.

What's in the box? 

  • Hand-carved wooden picture frame + print | Made in India | Retail Value: $30
  • Vanilla room spray | Made by Local Hope in the USA | Retail Value: $16
  • Embroidered cotten drawstring bag | Made in India | Retail Value: $12
  • Set of two handmade felt bows | Made in Kenya | Retail Value: $5
  • Set of six gift tags + twill tape ribbon | Made with Sanaa Art by rescued teen moms in Kenya | Retail Value: $3.50

Retail Value: $66.50