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Brass Candle Tools | Set of 3

$ 30.00

Care for your candles with this stunning solid brass handmade candle tool set that includes a candle wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and candle wick dipper. 


Wick Trimmer: Carefully trim your wick after each use to keep the flame from burning too hot or at a faster rate. If the wick is too long, it is more likely to flicker and may cause your wax to tunnel. These whick trimmers work best of wicks that have already been burnt. 

Flame Snuffer: Say goodby to your flame safely by extinguishing it without scattering wax. 

Wick Dipper: Once your flame is extinguished and trimmed, use the candle dipper with the hooked end to straighten the wick and/or remove any wick debris from the wax. 

Story your candle tool set in the included protective pouch.

  • Made by artisans in India
  • Includes: Wick trimmer, flame snuffer, and candle wick dipper
  • Made from ethically sourced brass


Noah's Ark
After six years of witnessing the artisans’ struggles in India, Samuel Masih established Noah’s  Ark International Exports in 1986 in an effort to raise the artisans out of poverty and preserve  their livelihoods. Noah’s Ark Exports has supported artisans and their families with fair wages,  long-term business investment and collaboration, and health and education initiatives for more  than thirty years. 


The candle tool set was made in the  workshop of Mohd Rizwan. He is a  skilled artisan who has been working  with brass for 35 years. He employs  5 other artisans in his workshop.  Noah’s Ark has been working with  Mohd for the past 3 years and he  enjoys designing products. This  candle tool set was a good order for  his workshop, as it provided regular  work to his team for three months.  This order also helped him upgrade  his workshop and that has been a  goal he has been working towards  for the past three years.