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Mt. Kenya Black Loose Tea Tin + Spoon

$ 16.00

Ethically made by JusTea in Kenya with flavor notes of cocoa bean and dried fruit. The hand-carved spoon provided fair wages for approximately 200 carvers and sanders. 

6 simple steeping steps for loose leaf tea:
- Boil Water at 205 degrees.
- Scoop 1 tsp of leaves per 1 cup of water (250 ml) into an infuser.
- Put infuser in mug or tea pot and pour in boiling water.
- Steep for the specific time for the tea type. Typically teas steep for 3-5minutes.
- Remove the infuser from your mug and enjoy your tea. Don’t compost the steeped leaves from the infuser just yet! Since JusTea only uses whole leaf tea, you can save those leaves to re-steep a second delicious cup!
- To re-steep, follow the same stepsabove but double the steeping time

  • Made in Kenya

Monica is a veteran tea plucker. Hand-picking tea provides her family of 5 with a steady income. Fun fact: Monica and all her children are left-handed! At JusTea, we’re dedicated to fairly traded and farmer-direct tea benefiting Kenyan farming families with fair wage and steady employment opportunities.