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Organic Cotton Shower Pouf

$ 12.00

Change up your shower routine with a new Organic Cotton Shower Pouf. In a small village in Western Turkey, the talented women of Kalkedon handmade your luxurious shower pouf using 100% organic Turkish cotton. It takes two to three hours for one woman to hand knit each shower pouf from scratch. This order for MHG provided three months of work for four artisans. 

  • Made by artisans at Kalkedon in Turkey
  • Your pouf may start with a gentle lather, but after a few uses, it will create a lovely foam with your favorite soaps
  • Machine washable and designed to last. For best results, hand to dry


Kalkedon Towels launched their business to honor the Turkish culture. Turkish cotton towels are unique, traditional pieces. Sharing this part of the ancient Aegean culture is the main reason Kalkedon Towels began. Their towels come from a little town in the Western part of Turkey. Kakedon Towels believes that the artisans they work with are valuable and that people should care about each other.

Their towels are weaved with Turkish cotton ring-spun yarns on traditional jacquard looms. The towels are dyed with organic and traditional dyeing techniques.