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Radiate | Curated Box

$ 25.00 $ 39.99

We couldn’t see the stars if it weren’t for the darkness.This beautiful time of year offers us an opportunity to let our light shine—in holiday traffic,at the post office, and reaching for the last can of pie filling on aisle 7. The world, our neighbors, and even our families need us to be lights in the darkness. A radiant star lit up Jesus’ birth so many years ago. It’s not just an embellishment for our nativity scenes; the star is a reminder that we are the light of the world that cannot be hidden.

Be radiant.

What's in the box?
  • Advent Cards | Made with Sanaa Art from rescued teen moms in Kenya | Retail Value: $22
  • O' Christmas Tree Candle | Made in the USA | Retail Value: $24
  • Hand-rolled Ceramic Ornament | Made in Kenya | Retial Value: $15
  • Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments (set of 2) | Made in the USA | Retail Value: $15
  • Hand-stitched Felt Nativity Ornament | Made in Kenya | Retails Value: $12
  • Merry Christmas Ornament | Made in Kenya | Retail Value: $12
  • Bonus Digital Bundle

Total Retail Value: $100