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Thrive Bundle

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"Thriving" never goes out of style! This Thrive Bundle is your go-to kit for a boost of style and inspiration.  Featuring a trendy Thrive Tote, a chic Thrive Floral Pendant, three vibrant THRIVE Journals for your thoughts, and a set of Sanaa-inspired Made to Thrive Greeting Cards - all crafted by artisans around the globe! Embrace the handmade charm and thrive in every moment!

  • Bundle includes: Thrive Tote, Thrive Floral Pendant, THRIVE Journals | Set of 3, Made to Thrive Greeting Card Set
  • Thrive Tote
    • Made by Joyya in India
    • Crafted using 100% organic cotton
    • 15" x 15" 
  • Thrive Floral Pendant
    • Pendant crafted by skilled artisans at Forged in Hope in Kenya
    • Companion chain created by artisans at Starfish Project in Asia
    • In order to extend the jewelry's longevity, it was bonded with a layer of gold and coated with a clear protective finish.
  • THRIVE Journals | Set of 3
    • Printed in the USA
    • Art inspired by teen girls in Kenya
    • Blank interior 
    • Works best with pencils or Sharpie-like pens
    • Dimensions: 5" x 7" 
  • Made to Thrive Greeting Card Set
    • Made with Sanaa Art by rescued teen mom in Kenya 
    • Dimensions: 8" x 10 " 
    • Set of 6 Cards 



Joyya exists to spark good in places marked by extreme poverty and modern-day slavery. Sparking goods means providing sustainable employment to women and men from hard-hit communities. The work helps them support their families and keep their kids in school. “Sustainability“ means supporting farmers and local businesses with organic cotton and recycled materials. Joyya helps their staff re-imagine their lives, identities, and futures, and those of their children.

Forged in Hope

Forged in Hope is the newest artisan group supported by Mercy House Global. The group started with an artisan named Stephen who expressed himself through creating jewelry. He established his upcycled brass jewelry business in the heart of Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa.

After Stephen died of typhoid, his wife Maureen continued his legacy and grew production volume to ensure ongoing work for the employees. From tragedy, Maureen has built a strong jewelry business, and she has also invested in multiple businesses in Kibera, creating opportunities for others and stimulating economic growth.

Starfish Project

Starfish Project has 3 main goals with their work in East Asia. 
1. EXPERIENCE FREEDOM: Every week, they visit brothels and invite women and girls to experience freedom from their lives in the sex industry.
2. ESTABLISH INDEPENDENCE: They equip exploited women and girls with the tools they need to build an independent life through holistic care programs and life skills training.
3. DEVELOP CAREERS: They provide specialized vocational training to help the women develop careers in fields such as design, photography, and accounting.

Sanaa Collection 

Art inspired by teen girls who have been rescued from desperate situations and are pregnant or learning to be moms. By purchasing these journals, you are joining us to change the lives of women around the world by empowering them through dignified work.