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Vanilla Room Spray

$ 16.00

Immerse your space in the warm aroma of your Vanilla Room Spray, hand-poured by Sanu of Local Hope. The inviting fragrance will ensure that your space is a haven of comfort and positivity. 

  • 4 oz. spray
  • Hand-poured by Sanu of Local Hope in the USA


Originally from Nepal, Sanu now lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two elementary-aged children. She makes luxurious products for Mercy House Global’s spa line. Sanu and her family like to experience new things together like fishing at the coast and going on carnival rides in downtown Houston. Sanu’s dream is to one day have a new car and a beautiful house.

Local Hope is an artisan group from Houston, Texas, comprised of vulnerable women, including refugees and survivors of human trafficking. The group receives support from Mercy House Global, an organization that offers skills training and employment opportunities to empower these women. Local Hope aims to provide a supportive work environment where women can rebuild their lives and gain economic independence.